Program Eligibility

Applications from students studying life science, engineering, or a computational science are welcome. Examples of relevant majors are biology, biochemistry, and chemistry in the life sciences, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and physics in the computational sciences, biomedical engineering, and chemical engineering. Applications from students from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged.

A total of 4 students will be accepted into the program for 2013.

Student Housing and Support Costs

The approximate total monetary value is $6,000 (this is including a stipend, lodging & food)

Student support includes:
• A $3,500 stipend

• On-campus housing and meals

• Access and use of the library. On campus parking and bus transportation available for a fee.

• Social activities, workshops, and more

2013 Program Dates: May 28 - August 3
Application deadline is February 4, 2013

Computationally-Driven Experimental Biology in Engineered Tissues is funded by NSF Award No. DBI-1062380